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Financial Success Requires Daily Discipline And Consistency

Have you ever made the decision that it was time to get into better shape?  If so, you know what that entails.  On a consistent basis you need to exercise, eat right, get enough sleep, and drink enough water.  You know that your body isn’t going to transform overnight and that one 5-mile run won’t …

Understanding Fats and carbohydrates and their role in a healthy diet

In recent times it would give the impression that fats and carbohydrates have both gotten a bad rap. First it was fat that was the culprit in all dietary ills, and low fat diets were all the rage. Then the two switched places, with carbohydrates being the bad guys and fat reigning supreme.

Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss Can Be Fun

The word aerobic literally means “with oxygen” or “in the presence of oxygen.” Aerobic exercise is any activity that uses large muscle groups, can be maintained continuously for a long period of time and is rhythmic in nature. Aerobic exercises utilize oxygen as the major fuel for sustaining activity for relatively long periods.

Coping with Job Stress and Heart Disease

Everyone knows that job stress has an obvious negative implication on health, specifically, the cardiovascular system. While various studies have been conducted and validated to establish that job strain increases the risk of a first coronary heart disease, little was known about the connection between stressful jobs and recurrent coronary heart disease.

Alcoholism Treatment Options

The classical use of medications for alcoholism is to encourage abstinence. Antabuse (also known as disulfiram), for instance, prevents the elimination of chemicals which cause severe discomfort when alcohol is ingested, effectively preventing the alcoholic from drinking in significant amounts while they take the medicine. Heavy drinking while on antabuse can result in severe illness …