Save Money on Groceries – Grocery Shopping Tips

downloadHave you been shocked by your grocery shopping bills recently? You’re not alone. Across the board, we generally see an annual inflation rate of about 3%. This may not seem like much, but there are times when items such as food and groceries increase at a much faster rate. Most families find that when creating a budget, more effort is being made to save money on gas and groceries. Here are some tips that can help you keep your grocery budget under control. Continue reading →

The Potential Hazards of Taking Birth Control Pills

download (2)When considering options to prevent pregnancy without sacrificing intercourse by abstaining, both men and women have a multitude of options. For men, the most commonly mentioned way to prevent conception would be the condom. While not always an accepted method of contraception in various territories (usually because of ridiculous cultural norms or even more ridiculous religions ones), it is among the most widely used in the world. For women, the most commonly used method would likely be birth control pills, which usually encounter the same religion-fueled objections that condoms do, but are less likely to earn a culture-inspired dislike. However, medically speaking, there might be some problems for women who regularly use birth control pills. Continue reading →

Ovation Guitar Strings


Have owned this guitar with ovation guitar strings  for year and it’s never failed me. It sounds incredible. If the strings buzz, it’s prolly because your action is too low and you’re playing it with a not so sensitive touch. Sounds clear and resonates when hooks up to an amp. For the price, you can’t beat this, especially since it’s a very unique shape with a round back. Feels even more feminine than the usual odd shaped dreadnoughts others are used to playing. It’s not only rounder in shape, the sound matches it with warm and round tones that ring out clearer than most guitars within the $300-500 price range.

How Much Money Do You Need In Your Emergency Fund?

Savings in jar

Savings in jar

One of the most basic and important fundamentals of every solid financial plan is to have an emergency fund.  Your emergency fund is protection against life’s unexpected events, whether it be a job loss, illness, major home repair, or any other event that strains cash resources.  Your emergency fund should consist of completely liquid assets, cash, or cash equivalents.  You’ll want to keep these funds in a place where you have immediate access to it. Continue reading →