Tue. Jan 25th, 2022

If you’re caring for a loved one at home, a hospital bed can make it easier on you. Whether a loved one is recovering from surgery or you’re caring for an elderly family member, there are many benefits to having a hospital bed. Here are some reasons why you may want to consider renting a hospital bed for your home.


Some surgeries require long-term post care. If your bedroom is on the second floor it may be impossible for the patient to get to the bed. Placing a hospital bed on the ground floor of your home can allow your family member to have a comfortable place to sleep. Hospital beds have swivel casters with lock so you can move the bed where you need to and lock it in place to keep it stationary.


Since hospital beds can be raised and lowered, transferring your loved one into a wheelchair will be easier. Hip and back surgeries can make it incredibly painful to move around. Having an adjustable bed can allow you to lessen the pain of your family member when you need to get them out of bed.


Proper circulation after surgery is highly important to prevent blood clots. Changing the position of the body increases blood flow and helps prevent bed sores for those with low mobility.

Easy Care

Caregivers need to protect themselves while caring for loved ones. Being able to elevate a hospital bed can prevent additional strain on the caregivers body during transfers and care. Without having to stoop or bend over, the caregiver will be able to attend to their loved one without worrying about hurting themselves.


If a loved one is having trouble with mobility, you may be worried about them falling out of bed. Hospital beds have rails installed that you can lift and lower to prevent additional harm from a fall. Rails can also be used as a stable assist for a person ready to transfer out of bed on their own.


There are plenty of accessories available for hospital beds to help with patient care. Bedside tables can slide over the bed for meal times and give the patient a place to keep their most used items. Blanket supports can raise blankets off legs to avoid pressure and prevent tangling. Air mattresses can help prevent bed sores in patients prone to them.

A hospital bed may be required to provide the optimum care for your loved one while preventing unnecessary injury to yourself.

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