What To Know About Internet Gaming Disorder

The rise of the internet has given many people a place to launch businesses, connect with friends and find entertainment. However, the rise of internet games has also led to a new form of addiction labeled internet gaming disorder. Here’s what you need to know.

Addiction Defined

Simply put, addiction is a disease of the brain. Even if someone realizes their usage of something is causing harm, they continue to compulsively use or do it. Psychiatric doctors such as Jack Wu MD help treat people suffering from addictions such as internet gaming disorder, alcohol addictions and opioid substances.

Common Symptoms

If you think you have or a loved one has an addiction to internet gaming, there are some common symptoms to look for. When gaming is put above the needs of the person, that could be a sign of an addiction. A person at risk of losing their job or one who has lost interest in something they previously enjoyed because of their desire to game could be addicted to gaming. Preoccupation and a need to play longer are additional signs to look for in someone who may have an addiction.

Ongoing Research

Medical professionals continue to research this relatively new classification of addiction. Some have questioned the validity of this form of addiction and whether it should be classified as such. Regardless of what the research says, if you or a loved one thinks they have an addiction to internet gaming, a medical professional should be sought as soon as possible.

Treatment Plans

An evaluation by a psychiatrist is necessary to determine whether or not there is an addiction present. Once the addiction has been diagnosed, the doctor can then create a treatment plan for the specific addiction and patient. Receiving help is essential for most people to overcome their addictions. Therapy and medications may be used together to help a patient move beyond their addictions. In severe cases, patients may be admitted to a hospital. Each case is individual and requires the insight and experience of a qualified medical professional.

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