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Ideally, your teeth will give you a lifetime of healthy service. To get them to that point, you have to care for them day and night. It does not just stop there; you should also maintain your gums and the linings of your mouth. When you neglect these tasks, your mouth will send you signals: these may include bad breath, sore gums, stained enamel, or aching teeth. To avoid these discomforting conditions, follow these dental-care guidelines consistently.

Choosing Professional Support

Your relationship with a dental practice is the foundation upon which to build a healthy mouth. Above all else, follow the advice of your dentist for maintaining your teeth and gums. Guidelines suggest visiting your dentist twice a year for the following possible procedures:

  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
  • X-ray procedures (less often)
  • Filling additions and other tooth repairs
  • Whitening and other cosmetic updates

At the same time, do not ignore throbbing teeth, mouth sores or other bothersome conditions that can occur between visits; visit emergency dentistry Windsor Terrace before small problems become large ones.


Brushing your teeth appropriately is the second level of your mouth-healthy foundation. Start by purchasing a brush that has soft bristles or is labeled for sensitive gums. Avoid those with hard and firm bristles; these, combined with aggressive motions, can be factors among many leading to gum recession. Brush using gentle, circular motions, angling the brush toward the gums. Do so in the morning and at night, minimally; if possible, also grab your toothpaste and toothbrush after lunch.


Flossing should be part of your daily routine. You do not have to devote more than a minute or two to the task, and you have only to do so just before going to bed. You need to floss to remove food and plaque stuck between your teeth. Work the floss firmly between your teeth, but do not snap the string downward. Though the practice also maintains the health of your gums, you may notice bleeding initially if you have neglected to floss previously.

Selecting Toothpaste

Brushing with toothpaste containing fluoride will also help maintain strong teeth. Fluoride prevents teeth-decay by building a wall against acids that form from sugar and bacteria. If your teeth and gums become bothered by heat or cold, in consultation with your dentist, you might also need to switch to a sensitive-formulated toothpaste.

The time may come that you need major dental work, including oral surgery. However, you can avoid or delay that outcome. By taking proper care of your gums and teeth, including following the suggestions provided by your dental professional, you should be able to see nothing but pink gums and pearly whites when you smile in the mirror.

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