Fri. May 27th, 2022

Now that springtime is almost here, it’s time to look around your home and see what you’ve let go by the wayside during the winter. The dust has settled and the chill is thawing, now it’s time to wipe that dust away and make your home shine again.

Gather Supplies

Put together a basic cleaning kit when you decide to spring clean; it can be helpful to keep these in a bucket or caddy with handles to travel with you as go to each room. If you’re not sure what that includes, think along the lines of:

Dust First, Starting Top to Bottom

Getting to the areas that are hard to reach is your first step in spring cleaning. Dust the highest places first, like shelves and cabinets, and move to the next “layer” of surfaces like tables, counters and desks. But don’t focus solely on surfaces; remember to also get things like:

  • Picture frames and artwork
  • Books and ornaments on bookcases
  • Plants, ornamental or otherwise
  • The tops of door frames and molding

Clean the Tough Places

When something is a pain to clean, it tends to get neglected a little more often. Now’s your chance to start getting into the nooks and crannies of the most difficult-to-reach spots in your home. Think beyond your bathtub and sinks (although you should certainly get those too!) and consider less-frequently-cleaned places:

  • Stove hood vents and burners
  • Baseboards and walls
  • Areas like behind the couch and fridge, inside of cabinets/drawers and closets
  • Your microwave (why is it such a universally hated task, cleaning the microwave?!)

Disinfect to Kill Germs

Getting rid of illness-causing bacteria is the goal of spring cleaning, but you need the appropriate supplies to do it. Ensure that you’re using a proper disinfectant like bleach solution and Lysol wipes, then go around your home disinfecting the surfaces you’ve already cleaned. Don’t forget about areas like:

  • Countertops, sinks and sink faucets
  • Light switches and switch plate covers
  • Doorknobs, locks and yes, even your keys

Ah, the spring. As the pollen count begins to rise and the sun shines a little bit brighter, it’s easier to see the dust and grime that you have neglected over the long winter. Now that you’ve got the privilege of longer days and better weather, take advantage and go through your house to get it back into shape.

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