Fri. May 27th, 2022

It’s no news that buying a home is very stressful! It’s a very tricky and time-consuming process, with lots of unprecedented twists and turns along the way. But, you can make this process easier if you know the step-by-step guide to buying one.

Here’s the complete buyer’s guide to buying a home with BellaVita.

Search about the home that fit your household needs

Not every home on the market matches the needs of your family. Some may be too big and others may be too small for your household. Before finalizing your purchase, make sure to search for the best homes, fitting your needs.

When deciding the right home at BellaVita, the largest home isn’t always the best. You have to choose a house that you can pay for in the long run.

Choose the perfect Bellavita home for your family

If you’re buying a home with Bellavita, you need to familiarize yourself with the terms such as Poli-Inner, Poli-End, and Gemelli. Fortunately, our friendly real estate agents are always ready to help you and clear out any of your questions.

A pro-tip is to not get too attached to the design and aesthetic of the houses. These can be fixed and decorated quickly, but the size and layout of the house cannot.

Secure the documents and best payment plan for you

Now that you know the best Bellavita house for your needs, time to secure the documents and requirements! This is also an opportunity to find the perfect payment plan for your financial needs. Generally, you have three choices; these are Pag-IBIG financing, cash or deferred payment, and bank or in-house financing.

Complete the requirements and reserve the house

Once you complete the requirements for your purchase, reserve the house immediately! Pay for the required down payment and settle the monthly amortization. Your payment can vary depending on the type of house you choose.

The requirements include a long list of government and personal documents. Ask the agent for a complete list so you won’t miss out on any.

Wait for the Contract to Sell or Deed of Sale

Once this is over, wait for the contract to sell or the deed of sale. And you’re good to go! Simply settle your payments and maintain the house properly. Most of all, don’t forget to have a good time and create great memories with your family.

Buy a home with BellaVita now!

BellaVita offers quality yet affordable homes! They’re located in strategic locations, near present and future areas of development. Sakto sa Bulsa, Sakto sa Location! BellaVita, Sakto Sa’yo! 

For more inquiries about BellaVita homes and location, visit BellaVita, or send a message through Facebook.

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