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Parents with kids that will eat anything face the problem of spending extra just to feed their child.  I am full, never seems to be a line these kids utter.  While this can be younger kids, it also tends to be every teenage male!  Just watching my nephews verifies this!

So how are all of us to save money on feeding these kids dinner?

Here are some ideas on how to save money on dinner costs while also teaching your kids to do so too!

Eat At Home:

This is by far the easiest way as you won’t waste food for the picky eater and can make large quantities of food for the ones that are never full!

You can even have your kids do a math lesson by calculating the cost of the meal, or teach them to cook so they can help out.

Buy in Bulk:

This one is specifically for those kids who can’t get enough food!  While I am not always a fan of the warehouse clubs if you buy food in large quantities AND use them this can be a benefit.

Have your kids help by calculating the per unit cost – oz, pound, etc.  They can carry the calculator around the store and help you figure out the best buy.

Freezer meals

By preparing large quantities of food in bulk and then freezing it you save not only on the time but also costs as you can buy in large quantities.  A side benefit of doing it this way is with the right foods the kids can quickly defrost and eat!


I know this is a tried and true method, but coupons really work in helping you save money.  Just ensure that you are only buying what you will actually use and it is not an item you would never buy.

Have the kids help clip and monitor coupons so they can learn to find good bargains.

Let the kids help you menu plan.

Plant a garden

This is a great way to cut back on costs for fruit and vegetables.  You don’t even need a ton of space to make this work.  A small plot or even a container garden will help you save money.

Have the kids help, not only will they learn to grow food, but they also tend to eat what they help for.  This one is fantastic for the picky eaters.  My son never tried lettuce until we grew some and he was hooked!

By having your kids help and implementing some of these tactics your food costs will go down!

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