Wed. May 25th, 2022

In the United States, Chicago is the third-most populous city but it doesn’t crack the top 10 when it comes to the cities with the highest cost of living. Recently, had analyzed data from the 75 largest cities in the U.S. to see which had the most affordable cost of living and it was revealed that Chicago came in at no. 15 on the list of the most expensive cities.

Chicago is indeed one of the most ideal places to live in the United States. Aside from the ample public transportation, good jobs and plenty of diversity which makes moving to Chicago an attractive option for those looking to relocate, its lakefront is a major part of city life and it offers a plethora of attractions and a nice reprieve from the summer heat.

Are you one of those people who are planning to relocate to Chicago to work or settle for good? You should know that searching for an apartment in Chicago isn’t quite as bad as it may be in some other cities but the process of finding the apartment of your dreams can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips for a less hassle experience when hunting for apartments in Chicago.

Have an ample time to search

Expert apartment hunters in Chicago, recommend allotting four to eight weeks to search before the target move in date. It’s not the best idea to wait until the last minute to start your search although it is possible to place tenants in as little as 24 hours. Clients have the most success in their search when they do it at least a month before they move.

Beware of scams

If an offer that sounds too good to be true, is probably a bait. Scammers are lurking in every corner just waiting for the right time to con you out of your personal information or money. A few signs of scams : trouble verifying the person showing the apartment works for the realty company advertising the space, pressure to place a security deposit or application fee, and the rent being placed significantly lower compared to similar units in the neighborhood.

To avoid being scammed, try using a credible online rent research resource such as Zumper to find your dream apartment in Chicago.

Be cynical

Search and question as much as possible everything you read in apartment listings, most especially if you are unfamiliar with the city. You will encounter ads from people who have taken creative liberties with neighborhood names and boundaries, so it helps if you don’t trust any person that easily.

To help you with your search, try Zumper. It is used by millions of renters to find houses, rooms, condos, or apartments for rent not just in Chicago but all over the United States. Zumper is so convenient to use as you can apply online by submitting digital rental applications and credit reports with Zumper’s screening service, powered by TransUnion™. It features a lot of quality listings with their inventory updated in real-time, so you’ll always see new rentals on Zumper first. It gives the client a real time alert and it is so easy to filter your choice according to location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity and set an alert to get notifications when a new listing is posted.

Check your budget

Don’t rule out a studio or junior one-bedroom/convertible unit, if you’re on a budget. It’s more important to have an extra cash so you can enjoy the city. Another advantage of going with a studio apartment? You won’t have to spend as much money to furnish the unit and you may be more motivated to get out and do more if you’re living in a studio.

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