Reasons Why I Love Online Games

We now live in the digital era when everything happens and do online. Paying our bills, doing out work online, shopping, doing our groceries, and even playing games can be done online. And since we are now facing a pandemic, I think online games is one of our way out of this stressful situation somehow.

Most of my free times, aside from blogging, I do play online games for me to have fun and relax. Let me share to you some reasons why I love playing online games.

Accessibility and Convenience

The first thing I love about online games is that it is very convenient and accessible. I can enjoy playing my favorite online games from anywhere, at any time.  Since this is an online games, it means all you need is an access to the internet, and you can enjoy the experience in the comfort of your own home.


I do have online games that are paid but remember that not all online games are paid. There sites that you can play for free. Yes, it’s true and one of the site where I usually play card games is It depends to you if want a paid one but free online games are still fun.

Countless options

Another things I love online games is that I have lots of option to choose from. They have two-player options that allow you to invite your friends for that fight or any game. They also have one player, or  you can choose to play against the computer and test your skills.

There are times that I want to play with my friends but there are times that I just want to play card game like my favorite solitaire. Solitaire is an old school, challenging card game of concentration and skill that can be played alone. The most popular form of this game today is Classic Solitaire. I’ve known and played solitaire since I was a kid until now. For some people, this game can be easy but you really need to think in this game.

My other favorite online game is China Temple. This game is so simple. all you need to do is to find all the hidden objects in the game BUT you need to make sure that you will click the right object because if not, random click guesses are punished by removing 5 seconds for each click. You don’t want to lose that score.


Last but not the least, I find online games challenging. It can enhanced my brain and also develop my skills.

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