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Postpartum Diet And Exercise

Motherhood is a beautiful journey for every woman. You’ve gained a new little bundle of joy — and to go with it, some extra pounds too. After you gave birth to your beautiful baby, it is important to take good care of yourself and eat nutritious foods especially if you are a breastfeeding mom. The food you eat helps your baby grow strong and healthy. Proper and good eating habits and exercise will help you lose the weight you gained during your pregnancy. Let me share to you some healthy tips exercise after your pregnancy to help you to bring back your sexy body or your weight.

Exercise After Pregnancy

Before you start to exercise, you must ask your doctor first to make sure and there are so many ways to be active. Exercise helps you lose the weight you gained during pregnancy, reduce backaches, constipation and bloating,  lifts your spirits and improves posture, helps build muscle tone and strength and promotes better sleep.

One of the example of an exercise is walking. Walking is a great way to exercise because it puts very little stress on your body. Try walking briskly for 20-30 minutes every day or at least 3 times per week. If you want, you can bring your baby also with you while the baby is in the stroller. Or if you want you can go with your friends or a group of new moms so you can share more information on how you handle your postpartum.

There are some organization that also offer exercise classes,  it is another fun way to get in shape and sometimes you can find a class that will include your baby like a mom and baby yoga classes.

Healthy Eating Tips

  • Eat a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, grains, protein foods and diary each day. Eat foods that have protein such as milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish and bean because protein are important to help you recover from childbirth and keep your body strong.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables. Make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables have vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy. They also have fiber, which helps prevent constipation.
  • Take prenatal vitamins especially if your are a breastfeeding mom.
  • Limit your junk food intake. It is okay to have them sometimes but not always.
  • Drink a lot of fluids because you body need lot of fluid (about 6-10 glasses a day) especially if you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • Lose weight safely by asking your doctor some advice.

Before and After Pregnancy is not easy but it is worth it. Another tip is that even you already gave birth, don’t forget yourself to make more beautiful.

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