Personal Collection Direct Selling, Inc. Becomes The First Filipino-Owned Large-Scale Direct Selling Company To Open In Malaysia

From a tiny warehouse in Quezon City with only one product and eight dealers in 2003, Personal Collection (PC) has grown to become one of the top direct selling companies in the country with more than 450 branches and hundreds of thousands of dealers selling hundreds of products in the Philippines alone. PC just got bigger when it launched in Malaysia recently, being the first Filipino-owned large-scale direct selling company to open its headquarters in the Malay peninsula.

In its 20th year, Personal Collection continues to champion the Great Life, providing livelihood opportunities not only to Filipino direct sellers, but also to Malaysian entrepreneurs. As part of its global expansion efforts, Personal Collection has started to propagate the Great Life vision in Malaysia, bringing its best-in-class products loved by millions of consumers to another robust economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Attended by Malaysian entrepreneurs and direct sellers, the launch of PC Malaysia showcased Personal Collection’s bestsellers in the Philippines, including Tuff Toilet Bowl Cleanser (TBC) and sof & mmmmm Concentrated Fabric Conditioner. It also unveiled L’Essence, Personal Collection’s own essential oils line first introduced to the Malaysia market.

Just two days after the launch, PC Malaysia managing director Loi der Liang, a former C-executive in logistics and investments companies, received a Selangor Business Excellence Achievement Award from KSI-Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific and Economic Club of Kuala Lumpur at the 2023 Selangor International Economic Summit.

In the Philippines, PC has received prestigious distinctions for its #GreenLifeGreatLife movement. It has helped raise awareness of the company’s products with biodegradable packaging and formula  which inspired its CSR efforts where PC employees and dealers alike have been engaging in mangrove and tree planting, and coastal cleanups. For these initiatives, PC received a Silver Anvil Award for Specialized PR Program: Advocacy Campaign at the 58th Anvil Awards, Circle of Excellence Award for CSR Company of the Year at the 2022 Asia CEO Awards, and Finalist for Marketing Excellence 2022 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility.

PC Malaysia will follow the successful business model of Personal Collection in the Philippines by selling best-in-class products through hardworking dealers so they can experience the “Great Life.” That was the dream and the goal when Personal Collection started in 2003, bettering the lives of thousands of Filipinos yearning to uplift their financial status.

Recently, Personal Collection pioneered the shift from recyclable packaging to biodegradable packaging and formula that are gentle on the environment. Through the years, Personal Collection also built regional depots across the Philippines, moved to a new headquarters, and added hundreds of thousands of direct sellers to its team. Now, it has started to offer the Great Life beyond the Philippines, starting with Malaysian direct sellers—young and old, new and experienced entrepreneurs – with a vision to spread the Great Life across the world.

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