NutriAsia Kids Pay Tribute To Hardworking Frontliners With Salamat BayaNAI Program

Through challenging times, NutriAsia’s own frontliners have remained dedicated to keeping shelves stocked with Filipinos’ favorite and trusted food products. In recognition of this, children of NutriAsia employees are honoring and further protecting them through their Salamat BayaNAI program.

Launched by BatangNutriAsia, an in-house summer program for children of NutriAsia employees, the Salamat BayaNAI program saw3,800 face shields assembled and donated to NutriAsia merchandisers and employees for their protection. Despite the risks,these merchandisers served as the company’s front line in ensuring supermarkets and grocery stores remain stocked with NutriAsia products throughout the community quarantine, while employees from departments such as Human Resources, Total Quality Management, R&D, and Supply Chainalso continued to report to work on site, making sure that all operations remained consistent throughout the situation.

Face shields were chosen for both their practicality and the protection they impart against COVID-19 and other diseases.

The program also aims to give these employees emotional support, as the BatangNutriAsia kids added heartwarming handwritten thank-you notes to the frontliners.

“We want these frontliners to know that their work is appreciated, and their bravery is not forgotten,” said Sabine Flaminiano, Salamat BayaNAI project lead and a BatangNutriAsia graduate in her own right.

“Seeing the reactions of the store merchandisers and employees as they received our care packages was memorable—as their hard work and sacrifice are valued and recognized, this had brought big smiles and a boost to their morale.”

The MERIT of BatangNutriAsia

BatangNutriAsia is a corporate program for children of NutriAsia employees who want to know more about their parents’ work. The Salamat BayaNAI program is a culmination of BatangNutriAsia’s MERIT (Malasakit, Excellence, Respect, Ingenuity with Integrity, and Teamwork) pillars, especially Malasakit as it raised awareness of the need to care for others.

NutriAsiaHuman Resources Group Head Jun Corpus shares that through BatangNutriAsia, they are able to teach children universally critical work and life values to help build a generation of values-led, principled Filipinos set for a brighter future.

By starting and executing initiatives, programs, and projects that involve the family members of NutriAsia employees, the values of the company are further strengthened across the entire family, proving they are truly foundational, action-oriented, can drive results, and ideal in any situation.

Founded in 1991, NutriAsia Group is a powerhouse of beloved, timeless, and iconic Filipino food brands that include DatuPuti, Silver Swan, Mang Tomas, UFC, Papa Catsup, Jufran; UFC Cooking Sauces and Meal Mixes; Golden Fiesta Cooking Oil; and Locally Blended Juice Drink and Merci Buco Coco water.

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