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Cigarette smoking kills.

According to a study of more than 200, 000 people, about 67 percent of smokers perished from smoking-related illnesses.

In the United States, almost 51 people die due to smoking every hour – about one person every minute. From all over the globe, around 570 people die every hour due to smoking or almost 10 people per minute.

The smoke coming from a cigarette is not only harmful to the smoker but is more harmful to the people around who inhale secondhand smoke.

Secondhand smoke causes nearly 34,000 premature deaths from heart disease each year in the United States among nonsmoker.

Annually, it is also the cause of around 33,950 deaths from heart disease and 7,330 deaths from lung cancer.

In the 2014 U.S. Surgeon General’s report; between 1964 and 2014, 2.5 million people died from exposure to secondhand smoke.

With all the harmful effects on health, it is just right to ban cigarettes in most places if not in all places. But banning the tobacco industry is not easy, therefore smokers are encouraged to quit. But then, quitting is also not that easy.

What can smokers do?

Nowadays, there are this so-called nicotine pouches used as alternative to smoking.

What are they?

Nicotine pouches are white pre-portioned pouches that have been in the market for centuries. These smokeless nicotine products provide a modern way of using nicotine without staining the teeth.

Swedish Match first introduced the concept of nicotine pouches. This century-old Swedish company based in Stockholm started manufacturing a product that did not taste or smell like tobacco but provided a good delivery of nicotine. ZYN was the first nicotine pouch and it included food-grade ingredients such as pH adjusters, flavorings and sweeteners. It also contained nicotine salt which is a tobacco-derived ingredient.

These nicotine pouches although completely free from tobacco, contains nicotine extracted from the plant Nicotiana tabacum. These pouches provide a unique blend of fresh flavors, nicotine, and natural fibers, with a chewing gum base to provide the bags with an optimal softness to fit perfectly under the lips. To maintain the consistency of the nicotine-free pouches,  stabilizers which are plant-based food additive are used. The pH balance of the product is maintained with the use of adjusters and the nicotine salt derived from tobacco leaves delivers the desired nicotine level. Fillers and sweeteners are also added to enhance the flavor of the product.

Nicotine pouches are  easy and convenient to use.

Just rip open the pouch and place it directly under the lip for a smoke-free experience. Using it does not require spitting, thereby making it an extremely discreet option. While the nicotine slowly gets absorbed through the gums, it provides a constant supply of nicotine flavors and bursts for up to an hour. Nicotine pouches come in flavors like coffee, cinnamon and mint.

Nicotine pouches are also used in Nicotine Replacement Therapy. NRT, according to many studies have shown that it can nearly double the chances of quitting smoking.

So if you are concerned with your health and the health of the people that matters to you, you should at least try nicotine pouches as an alternative to the harmful cigarette.

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