Tue. May 24th, 2022

Facebook, Child Rights Network, and Stairway Foundation recently released the latest GIF book to be part of the GIF Learning Library—a series of GIF-animated stories designed to help parents talk about how to keep safe online, with kids. The new GIF storybook entitled “Kelly Kuneho” joins other colorful and child-friendly animated books such as “Sarado ang Mahiwagang Kaharian” and “Can I Click This?” available for free on the Child Rights Network’s Facebook and Instagram Pages.

To help launch the newest title in the GIF storybook line, seasoned host and hands-on mom of two Bianca Gonzalez took to Facebook to hold a livestreamed reading of “Kelly Kuneho”, a story which teaches children to only engage online with people they know. It also warns kids against sharing personal information with strangers online.

“As a mom to children in this digital age, I think it’s so important for us to be proactive in keeping our kids safe, both online and offline. I believe these GIF storybooks are a great way to introduce online safety and privacy to children, because the stories help them easily understand the concepts. I hope that with stories like Kelly Kuneho, we can encourage more parents to talk to their kids about online safety, as early as possible, in a fun and practical way,” said Bianca.

During the live reading of “Kelly Kuneho,” Bianca also connected with other parents and kids on Messenger Rooms to check how well they understood the story. They capped off the short story-reading session with a fun little pop quiz—all while playing around with cute AR filters to boot.

In this hyperdigital age, children are spending more time online. And with continued measures to shelter in place, even formal schooling has had to make the digital shift. Now more than ever, ensuring kids’ safety while on the internet is paramount. These GIF storybooks were developed in partnership with BBDO Guerrero, Child Rights Network, and Stairway Foundation to help parents find a fun way to connect with their children while educating them on online safety.

“At Facebook, we recognize the new reality that looks much different this year for both parents and kids. The new reality is that kids need to stay home and they’re online more often now whether for distance learning or socializing. We will continue to provide tools and resources to help parents start conversations with their children about online safety and protecting their personal information,” said Amber Hawkes, Facebook Head of Safety for APAC.

You and your kids can have your own GIF storybook reading sessions anytime as well. To access the GIF Learning Library for free, please visit the Child Rights Network on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/CRNPhilippines/) or Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/crnphilippines/). You can find the GIF books in their Stories Highlights.

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