Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

Are you looking for a super functional microwave oven that will spice up your kitchen with a pop of color? Check out Midea’s new line of Retro Microwave Ovens which are so extra in both departments – it’s both multifunctional and a certified head turner!   

Midea, the world’s largest manufacturer of major appliances, presents these new microwave ovens with smooth, rounded edges and a sleek, retro pop feels. They come in two colors that are rarely be seen in the market: Retro Blue and Retro Red.

So, if you prefer something fiery and bold, the Midea 20L Retro Red Manual Control Microwave Oven (P3,395) might be ideal for you. Apart from its distinctive color, it offers topnotch features: energy efficient as it only consumes one peso in electricity consumption in three minutes of cooking; a mechanical timer of up to 35 minutes; and it can cook food in seconds while preserving natural nutrients of ingredients, and compared to conventional frying, foods cooked in Midea’s Retro Microwave Oven results in 10 percent less fat.

If you’re opting for something cooler and more muted, the Midea 20L Retro Light Blue Digital Control Microwave Oven (P4,095) answers that. This product has all the elements of the Retro Red but with additional features such as eight preset cooking menus, so you won’t need to search for the perfect time to heat up a certain dish. Its timer lasts up to 95 minutes, and it has a child lock function to make sure that your child or anyone unfamiliar with the product and its control panel will not be able to change the settings.

If you think Midea’s Retro Microwave Oven can only be used for heating up food, think again. Truly multi-functional, you can rely on these microwave ovens to whip up a quick dessert like cookie or brownies in a mug, make a quick egg dish, dry herbs, peel garlic faster, or even make a quesadilla.

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