Learn Life Hacks That Can Help You Transform Into A Better You In 2023

To inspire more Filipinos to take charge of their lives and make smarter financial decisions this 2023, Manulife produced a video series about health, finance, and navigating various life journeys. Headlined by notable content creators and financial experts, the Every Day Better series is now available for streaming on Manulife Philippines’ YouTube channel.

“A lot of changes happened in 2022 and for many, it was a year of learning, adapting to, and eventually settling into our post-pandemic world. We hope our Every Day Better seriescan further motivate Filipinos to focus on their goals and be more empowered to achieve them,” said Melissa Henson, Chief Marketing Officer of Manulife Philippines. 

Celebrities and content creators Kryz Uy and Slater Young, Luis Manzano, and Victor Anastacio are among those featured in a seven-part digital content series streaming on Manulife Philippines’ YouTube channel. In the series, Kryz and Slater share money-saving hacks for parents and newlyweds. Meanwhile, Luis Manzano interviews financial experts to discuss the importance of financial planning, the basics of health insurance, and taking care of one’s physical and economic well-being. Lastly, Victor Anastacio worked together with Manulife’s financial advisors to find out Filipinos’ ultimate goals and help achieve them.

Here’s a complete list of Manulife’s Every Day Better episodes, each of which can help with different needs and goals:

  • Mastering home hacks for newlyweds and couples
    • Kryz and Slater’s Home Hacks and Tips: Civil engineer and entrepreneur Slater Young gives viewers general house maintenance tips that won’t break the bank, while fashion vlogger Kryz Uy shares how new moms can take care of their families and pursue the things they love at the same time.
  • Making the most out of your paycheck: Channeling money management fears into growth and success
  • Saving for rainy days: Protecting yourself from financial uncertainties regardless of earnings
    • Level up your insurance game with Luis Manzano: Luis Manzano huddles with content creators Thea Sy Bautista, Charm de Leon of Ready to Adult PH, and Kenneth Gutierrez as they share financial planning tips for different age groups.
    • Secure your health protection featuring Luis Manzano: Former beauty queen turned pilot Chezka Carandang and celebrity content creator Richard Juan join Luis Manzano as they stress the importance of taking care of one’s health for a better financial future.
  • Finding “The One” in finance: Find out how you can find the right partner and plan for you based on your needs and goals
    • The Next Top Advisor: Looking for a partner to help you on your financial journey? Learn how to find the right financial advisor that can help you achieve your financial goals.
    • Goal Maker Mission Unlocked: Victor Anastacio is out on a mission to find out the ultimate life goals of Filipinos, as well as practical solutions that can help them fulfill their aspirations.

To watch the full episodes, visit Manulife Philippines’ official Youtube channel. .

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