Impacts Of COVID-19 In Our Lives

People from all walks of life have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. It has changed the way people live and work. This pandemic has had a deep impact on children, families, communities, and societies the world over. In addition to having grave health consequences, the pandemic has also crushed our goals, upended our family dynamics and job roles and undermined out economic stability.

Looking back to March 2020, I first heard and watched from the news that there will be a lockdown in the coming days. I was tired that time because I just got home from a media event but when I heard the news, I was really worried not just for me but also for my family especially to my daughter and of course for everyone.

When everyone heard about the lockdown, a lot of people started panicking and went to grocery stores to buy or in exact term to hoard for their supply of food and medicines. A lot people may find it over reaction but for me there’s nothing wrong with that. Those who hoard just want to make sure to have enough supplies for their family until the lockdown is lifted especially we didn’t know how long it will last.

Aside from that, I saw and know a lot of people struggled when it comes to their transportation. I saw on the news that some people just walk from their house to their work and vice versa while others wait for a very long period of time because there is a limited means of transportation.

To be honest, I am very thankful that before the pandemic started, we already bought a car. Though we are still paying it until now, it is very useful and convenient for us to own one especially this pandemic. Before buying a car that time, we already calculated or estimated our payments especially our monthly payments.

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The lockdown has made us realise the importance of actually appreciating the things and people that we take for granted, but what it has taught us is the spirit of togetherness and giving a helping to others and helping where one can.

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