Thu. May 26th, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic took everyone and the world by surprise. Globally, everything has stopped. Projects have been delayed, workplaces closed and schools shut down. The world seems to have ground to a halt because of the novel coronavirus.

We are all affected of this pandemic even our children too. Young children love to play together, but with the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, playdates with friends and games with large groups are sadly not safe ideas. So as a parent, it is our duty to keep our children entertained especially they cannot go out.

Let me share to you some tips that how I keep my daughter entertained during these times.

Online School Class or Module

One of the tip that I can share with you is let your children continue her or his studies even online. If you can’t afford online or there is some struggle with your internet connection, there are some school that offers module where they can answer the worksheets and submit it. No matter what is your choice, the important thing here is that your children should continue her or his education. It shouldn’t be stop because of pandemic.

Even before COVID-19 pandemic, I have known some schools that offers home school because some of my friend’s children are home schooling. But for my daughter, I prefer her to enrolled to a regular school where she can socialize with other children and teachers. Good thing that her school Diliman Preparatory School offers online class now because of pandemic.

Piano Lessons

My daughter’s class schedule was Monday to Friday, five hours a day that is why I decided to enroll her for a piano lesson at Poco Music Studio PH for every Saturday for one hour. Piano lesson is an awesome investment for your children, from improving confidence to possible opening the door to an incredible career.

Voice Lesson

Aside from her piano lesson, I also enrolled her for a voice lesson at Tutor’s Lounge. Her schedule is every day for only one hour.

Kumon Philippines

She is also enrolled at Kumon taking up the Reading class. She does her worksheet every day and do her online class every Thursday.

Online Games

Even though my daughter is taking up a lot of online classes, I make sure she still have time to be a kid and have fun. She loves watching video’s on Youtube, play with her barbies and toys, and she loves playing online games. Even I loves playing games online. Some of the games I played can be found at Don’t worry because it’s FREE.

Move bonding

We make sure to have a movie bonding every weekend at least one movie a weekend.

Swimming Bonding

One a month, we will set up our kiddie pool for our swimming bonding.

There are a lot more activities you and your child can do during pandemic. As long you are safe at the comfort of your home, healthy and having fun, we will all survive this.

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