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107741974-FEntertaining your kids during the winter without breaking the bank can be hard.

It’s too cold to send the kids outside without bundling them up, which means that you need to get creative with the activities that can be done with your children inside.

Instead of just turning on the TV or a video game console, consider some of these options:

Kitchen Activities

Kids love the opportunity to participate in meal preparation, and you can look for ways to include them in the kitchen.

If you are baking, let them use the measuring cup to add each ingredient into the mixing bowl. Make personal size pizzas, and allow each child to add toppings to their own pizza. Or make holiday-themed sugar cookies that can be frosted and decorated with sprinkles and other candies.

Story Time

Reading books is a favorite pastime for many kids, and it gives you the opportunity to help your children practice their reading skills.

If they are too small to read, then you can read picture books to them. Make it a family event by scheduling a time to go to the library together, and you can make it special to read at home by building a tent with blankets and reading the books together inside the tent.

You can even up the value of reading by having them read books that teach them about money!

Art Projects

It is amazing to see how creative kids can be when they are given a few art supplies.

Buy paints, markers, stickers, or any other art supplies that you think your child would like. Look for a variety of ways to use those supplies, such as on big pieces of butcher paper or decorate houses that are built out of wide popsicle sticks.

One of my son’s favorites is using pipe cleaners to create new and exciting things!

Dance Party

If you need to get the kids to move around so they can get the wiggles out, then adance party is the perfect solution. Turn on some fun kids songs, move the furniture to the side of the room, and dance with your kids. Dancing will help to increase everyone’s heart rate, and it is a fun and memorable experience for each child.

Make a Town

A roll of masking tape can be hours of fun if you use it right. If you have a big space on the floor, use the masking tape to make roads and buildings, to create an imaginary town. Pull out your child’s cars or Barbie’s, and you can have hours of fun together playing make-believe in the town.

Matching Games

Younger children can learn and have fun at the same time with matching games. Provide them with a large bucket of random items from around the house, and ask them to group the items into matching colors. Take it one step further by hiding the items throughout the house in a scavenger hunt, so that they can have fun searching for the items and sorting everything they find.

Make Homemade Playdough

Playdough is easy to make and fun to play with, and it can keep kids entertained for hours. You can spend time making the playdough together, and then let them play with it on their own after it is made.

Shaving Cream Art

Squirt shaving cream onto a cookie sheet, and let your child have fun. They can use their fingers to spread the shaving cream around and draw different designs. Make sure they are wearing an old shirt or apron, because it can get a little messy. But, it is a fun activity that can keep them entertained for awhile.

Create an Obstacle Course

Make a low-impact obstacle course with items in your home. For example, it can start by balancing while they walk across a masking tape line on the floor, crawl under over-turned chairs, jump onto the couch, and finish by eating a cracker. Get creative, and look for ways to make it more challenging each time.

You don’t have to be bored inside the entire winter, get creative and have some fun with the kids!

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