Happy Pet, Happy Life: How To Pamper Your Pet

When pets enter our lives, they become part of our family and home. As they give us immeasurable joy and fulfillment, we ought to give them the same care, value, and commitment as we would with other members of the family.

It all starts with showing them how much you love them, as they can thrive in love and a sense of belongingness the way humans can. Pets become our life partners so we need to do our part to keep them happy and healthy. Here are some ways you can create an environment and lifestyle which are beneficial to both you and your pet.

Your home is their home.

Just like children, pets tend to wander curiously around the house and grasp at anything within reach. Scan your house and keep sharp or breakable objects, electrical cords, medicines, and cleaners out of your furbabies’ reach. Keep your trash cans covered, as well as other containers a little paw can reach into. Make your home comfortable for your pet as well, with just the right temperature, a space for them to sleep in, and a spot where they can be trained to do their potty business.

Visit the veterinarian and groomer regularly.

Schedule check-ups with your veterinarian to always be on top of your pet’s health and development. Make sure they’re vaccinated from common pet illnesses and parasite-proof them by using antiparasitic supplements and soaps. And on top of the regular baths, take your pet to the groomer for a general clean-up from fur trimming to brushing, and nail clipping to teeth cleaning. Your pet wants to look good too!

Get the correct food type for your pet.

Most people think that pets can just eat leftovers or bland combinations of meat and rice. However, pets not only have their own preferences, but also recommended diets based on factors such as breed, size, age, health condition, and more. The vet should be able to recommend the kind of food for your furbaby, but you can also ask pet store staff about the best food and treats for your pet. 

Take them out for exercise and nature.

Just like with humans, regular exercise helps improve pet health by working their muscles and organ systems to help them perform their best, which prolongs the life of your pet. Expose them to fresh environments with regular walks outside, or take them with you when you go for your daily walk or jog. Exercising is good but exercising with a pet is a completely different experience!

Be prepared for emergencies.

While we want our pets to stay healthy, there might be some cases wherein they would need extra medical care. As a life partner in financial needs, universal bank EastWest understands and values your aspirations for your pet and has services which cater to them as well. Its Save & Pawtect pet insurance offers PHP 50,000.00 medical reimbursement and PHP 500.00 daily hospitalization with one-year coverage, eligible for pets aged five months to 10 years old.

For those who are considering getting a pet, these ways can help guide you in giving it the love and care it deserves, which will give you the happiness and reward you deserve.

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