Hanabishi Surprises Fans With Sarah G. And Ninong Ry Collab

Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo-Guidicelli and Ryan “Ninong Ry” Reyes may belong in different worlds — the former is known for her singing and performing talents and the latter through his food vlogs. And while they share the same passion for food, the former has been vegan since 2017 and the latter often cooks slabs of mouthwatering meat in his videos.

“We invited them for a collaboration to show how food can bring people together. Christmas, after all, is about celebrating with loved ones and friends despite having our differences in opinions and preferences with them,” said Hanabishi Appliances Vice President for Finance and Marketing Cherish Ong-Chua.

Learning New Things and Acquiring New Skills

Sarah shared that she felt tensed and excited when she first heard about the project.

“Dati napapanuod ko lang siya. Nagsimula ‘yun nung pandemic nang nahilig ako sa baking. Naisip ko, paano kaya ang costing? Tapos dun ko nakita ‘yung video niya on costing, so I was able to try it,” she said.

(I used to watch him. It started during the pandemic when I became passionate about baking. I was wondering how costing is done, and that’s how I came upon his vlog.)

Sarah’s passion for baking has led her to finish a course at the Heny Sison Culinary School.

“Ang pag-aaral, wala namang time limit ‘yan, as long as meron kang willingness to learn,” Sarah said, adding that it was very fulfilling to acquire new skills on a newly found passion.

(Studying doesn’t have a time limit, as long as you have the willingness to learn.)

Ninong Ry shared that he was excited to work with Sarah.

“Ang pangalang Sarah Geronimo, kasama na sa lexicon ng bawat Filipino. Hindi ko akalaing makikilala ko siya at makaka-trabaho. Kino-consume mo ‘yung art form andmedia niya, andfeeling mo hanggang dun na lang,” he said.

(The name Sarah Geronimo is already a part of every Filipino’s lexicon. I never expected to meet her or work with her. We consume her art form and media, and we feel that that’s it.)

The popular food vlogger revealed that he used to practice the dance steps to Tala, Sarah’s hit song.

“Sobrang bait niya talaga,” Ninong Ry said of Sarah. “Kalog katrabaho, walang ka-arte arte. At ang nakakatuwa kasi, sa ibang tao ang trabaho, trabaho lang. Sa kaniya hindi. Nag-enjoy siya. Nagtalbugan kami ng positive energy.”

(She’s very nice. Fun to work with. For some people, work is just work. With her, no. She enjoyed what we did and we bounced off each other’s positive energy.)

Pasta and Dessert for Vegans, Dishes for Meat and Seafood Lovers

For their collaboration, Sarah prepared tomato pasta with plant-based meatballs using Hanabishi’s reliable induction cooker. She also baked an apple crumble pie using Hanabishi’s popular 30L air fryer.

Ninong Ry, meanwhile, cooked pata hamonado in Hanabishi’s digital electric pressure cooker. He also created a healthier version of seafood rice using Hanabishi’s new low sugar rice cooker.

Viewers can watch the fun collaboration between the two food lovers through Ninong Ry’s Youtube channel and learn about each other’s cooking processes.

“Na-appreciate ko na ang diet namin ay magkaiba. Madami akong napulot sa kaniya,” Ninong Ry said.

(I appreciate the fact that we have different diets because I learned a lot from her.)

Sarah, meanwhile, said that Ninong Ry is perfect for the Hanabishi family.

“Very practical siya, at madami kang matutunan sa kaniya,” she also said of the vlogger.

(He’s very practical, you can learn a lot from him.)

“Most of the time, differences can pull people apart. But as Sarah and Ninong Ry have shown, they can also open our eyes to other perspectives. At Hanabishi, we encourage people to acquire new skills like Sarah had and learn healthier alternatives to cooking dishes like Ninong Ry did. Our cooking and kitchen appliances are here to help make it easier for you to try your hand at making dishes for your family and friends,” Ong-Chua said.

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