Hanabishi Honors Lolos And Lolas In Grandparents Fete

Hanabishi Appliances recently joined the SAKSI Ngayon publication in Pagbibigay Pugay Kina Lolo’t Lola, an event that paid special tribute to grandparents.

“Our lolos and lolas are our constant source of love and support. They not only care for their children, but their grandchildren as well. Many Filipino grandparents have become the second parents of their apos. By honoring them, we show our appreciation for all the nurturing they have given us,” said Cherish Ong-Chua, VP for Finance and Marketing, Hanabishi Appliances.

Hanabishi gave several of its best-selling appliances to the Pagbibigay Pugay Kina Lolo’t Lola event held in Barangay 173, Caloocan City. These included five flat irons, two rice cookers, five water kettles, three desk fans, two coffeemakers, two juice blenders, two oven toasters, and two single burner gas stoves.

The products were given as special prizes for the exciting games and activities that the grandparents took part in. The lolos and lolas who joined the celebration came with their families to enjoy a day of love and laughter.

“Hanabishi believes in the importance of family, and our grandparents are the foundations of every family. While there is one special day to celebrate them, we should always make sure that we respect and honor them every day,” Ong-Chua said.

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