Gabbi Garcia’s OG Bestie Is Her Mom – Here’s Why

That “Gabbi Glow” has to come from somewhere, right? Top online beauty destination Lazada celebrates Mother’s Day with actress, performer, and LazBeauty brand ambassador Gabbi Garcia as she tells us about her relationship with her first Beauty Bestie, her mother, Tes Lopez.

She shares with us how important it is to have someone by your side, from start to finish, in building the best version of yourself. “She’s a big part of who I am now, her presence alone has shaped my values, how I treat other people, and how I balance my time,” Gabbi said.

Gabbi reveals she is a very passionate person and believes that having a mother who supports her endeavors and encourages her wild ideas has empowered her to become her most confident self. She even shares how her mom encouraged her to take charge and become a pilot! Captain Garcia who? For wide-eyed dreamers like Gabbi, having that strong support system in the form of moms truly sets us up for success. 

Her tip for keeping a healthy relationship with mom? Treat her like your Bestie or barkada, but also as the woman who has made your life possible. Of course, not all relationships are perfect, but Gabbi reminds us how important it is to give our mothers the love and respect they deserve.

The LazBeauty Bestie also honors her mom this Mother’s Day by adding to cart a few things from Lazada. “I got her skincare products from LazBeauty, we both love skincare and kaartehan!” she shares. “It’s great how LazBeauty supports us, Filipinas, by giving us access to these beauty products in such an easy way. They have so many choices and deals, so you can easily find the perfect match to help you be your truest self. Plus, fast and free shipping, which is so convenient. It’s beauty for everybody.”

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