Fun Activities For A Pandemic Summer

For some students, the class 2022-2023 already started this August but the school summer vacation for my daughter just started last July 8, 2022. I’m planning a vacation in full swing which means beach bumming, traveling, shopping, pool parties and sightseeing vacations because she deserves it with all the hard work and awards she received for this school year. But thinking that COVID-19 still a health risk, it may be wiser and safer to just stay safe at home.

You might agree with me that it is not the perfect vacation, but guess what? It is still possible to have a fun vacation as a family with a little creativity and a little research. We can still have fun at the comfort our our home at the same time I don’t putting our health at risk. I don’t want to put anyone’s health specially my family’s health just to have fun.

Let me share to you some activities that we are doing during my daughter’s vacation:

  • Kumon

It’s been two years that my daughter is enrolled at Kumon for Reading and Math subjects. Even though it is her vacation, I decided to still enroll her so she has something to do and still learning during he vacation.

Kumon helped her to develop self-discipline and time management. Answering Kumon worksheets on her own requires patience and determination, especially if you are in a new level, she learned to never give up in difficult situations.

  • Piano and Voice Lesson

It’s already a year since my daughter started her piano lesson but for her voice lesson, she just started last month. She’s the one who told me that she want’s to take voice lessons so I enrolled her.

  • Online Games

Before you think that I’m a strict mom because my daughter is taking up a lot of lessons even it’s her vacation, I also make sure that she and me have always a great bonding time. And one of our bonding time is playing online games because we both love online games!

We usually play online games at Aside from it is FREE, I don’t need to worry about computer virus because we don’t need to install anything just to play from their site. So, it’s safe! There’s also a lot of games you can choose from. Some of our favorites are, Simon Says, Master Chess and Rubik’s Cube.

  • Set up a kiddie pool

Since I don’t want to take a risk going to a beach, I decided to set up a kiddie pool so we can still swim and have a snack also.

  • DIY Tie-dye

We are planning to do a DIY Tie-dye but since we don’t have any kit, I decided to buy a kit online. There are so many different design and color options we can choose from. Aside from this is a fun activity, tie dye offers a great opportunity for the kids to express their creativity.

  • Movie Night

This is one of our favorite bonding together because we love watching movies and series together while eating our favorite sweet and salt popcorn.

There are more other ways to enjoy the vacation without risking your health. You just need to be creative to enjoy the vacation.

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