Francis Libiran Releases Perfume Line: Dusk And Dawn

Francis Libiran has released a new perfume line designed with esteemed perfume creator, Oscar Mejia III. Dusk and Dawn, the two variants in the Francis Libiran perfume collection will be available in limited stocks starting this February. 

Libiran said that he has always been interested in extending his expertise in the lifestyle area. He had been researching on the country’s best perfume connoisseurs and creators and it just so happened that he met Oscar Mejia III in an artisan trade fair and reached out to him for a collaborative project! Mejia agreed, and the rest is history. 

Libiran and Mejia came up with the Dusk and Dawn collection, which is composed of aromatic products to set the tone of our home ambiance, as well as a perfume line! 

Dusk is an ode to grace and romance through refreshing notes of bamboo and white tea and velvety hints of chamomile and rose that’s wrapped in musk and amber. 

Dawn celebrates hope through the radiant notes of pomelo and olive with a lingering hint of sampaguita and patchouli. 

Libiran and Mejia expanded these two invigorating scents into four products: perfume candles, reed diffusers, and antibacterial room and linen sprays. All scented products are packaged with care instructions for optimal results. 

Libiran said that these products play a part in one’s well-being and improve focus and overall mood. 

The Dusk and Dawn collection will be made exclusively available online via our website and in all Francis Libiran stores and ateliers.

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