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While math might not come easy for everyone, it is a teachable skill.  In fact now there are many online games and apps that teach math, helping every child learn this critical skill.

Best part?  Most of the apps and sites make learning fun by using games.  While this is not always the case for the high schoolers, the sites focused on them make everything easier.

Following are eight math apps and websites that will help your child master math.

1.  Sushi Monster

My son loved this game.  The “monster” eats sushi that your child picks that adds up to the amount on the screen.

It says good for 9 – 11 year olds, but my son started playing it around 8 and it was not too advanced.  This is absolutely and entertain and learn app.

2.  Math Bingo

Hands down one of my son’s favorite math apps.  You play math bingo to win little creatures. For enough right answer you accumulate funny little creatures that you can make bounce around the screen.

3.  Motion Math Hungry Fish

Another one for the younger set.  A fish eats bubbles that help solve math problems.  Simple yet the kids love it.

4.  Cool Math Games

This site has many games for the elementary aged kids.  The best part is that it is free.  To me the biggest negative is all the ads on the site.  But if you are looking to entertain and teach without a mobile device this is a good place to start.

5.  Sumdog

This site is great for many ages and even lets kids play against other kids.  It covers everything from addition, to equations, geometry and even money!  Some of the games you can play for free, but others you need to sign up for an account.  The accounts are free, and you can either register as a parent then add multiple kids or sign up as a teacher.

6.  Think Through Math

On this math website you pick your state so that the lessons are in line with your education system.  This is web based instruction to build on what they learn in the classroom, but also offers access to live teachers for quick help.

Some states have arrangements where students get free access (they pay per student).  If your state does not, the site does not tell you what your options are, just has you sign up for a free demo.  If your state does not offer this, I would recommend you use the next resource, as it is very similar

7.  Kahn Academy

This site is completely free and offers help not only in math but many other topics – for all grade levels!  The content is taught by video and includes quizzes to ensure the student understands the topic.

8.  Math Formulas

This app is designed for high school students.  Although it is not a game it does help your student study faster.  It compiles all the formulas that they need, in an easy to find format.  No more flipping though all the pages in their book looking for that one formula they need to have.

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