Coaches In The Workplace: Cultivating A Culture Of Peer Learning And Mentoring

Last quarter marked World Teachers Day, and it merits mentioning that the concept of teachers ought to be considered beyond the classroom. Mentors in the workplace are teachers too. Thanks to them, starting and experienced technology professionals at TELUS International Digital Solutions Philippines—the technology division of TELUS International Philippines—keep growing, adapting, and transforming. Multiple paths enable these, from peer learning to on-the-job coaching to training enrollment.

“Our Digital Solutions roles in TELUS International Digital Solutions currently need Filipino tech talents who eventually immerse in the Software Engineering, Information Technology, and Financial services industries. Because TELUS International Digital Solutions methodologies cover the Info-Tech lifecycle, from design and construction to delivery, operation, and optimization—including intelligent automation for digital transformation—those who potentially join TELUS International Digital Solutions’ over 3,000 team members in the Philippines can expect exposure to real-world challenges and resolutions that cultivate seasoned tech professionals,” said TELUS International Digital Solutions Philippines, Vice-President, Nalakumar “Nala” RS.

Because of this, employee preparation can range from further specialization in areas such as Cloud Computing, Structured Query Language, Python, and React to technical training in a self-paced format by externally accredited institutions.

“Even as developing one’s core skills to be the best, at TELUS International Digital Solutions we offer multiple tracks in tech. This way, anyone with the passion to learn can change paths to the next level of specialization as professional interest evolves in pursuit of a robust tech career,” added Nala.

Multiple paths to professional growth

Service Delivery Project Manager John Emmanuelle E. Maunes said that part of why he joined TELUS International Digital Solutions 14 years ago, was because of his impression that “those who get accepted by TELUS International Digital Solutions are top-notch.” True to his experience, the culture and friendships built over time with colleagues were a great support through professional transitions, personal adjustments and real-time problem solving. “I benefited from mentoring alongside ‘learning on the job’ and I particularly appreciate two mentors who enabled and equipped me with the necessary know-how to deliver on my daily tasks,” John said.

Colleague Cris Advincula acknowledges that joining TELUS International Digital Solutions for him came with the built-in expectation of professional growth. “TELUS International Digital Solutions’ unique learning environment gives us the freedom to choose from many offerings–perfect for those keen to deepen and expand their IT careers. I have had the opportunity to study at my own pace, and have availed of peer learning, OJT, apprenticeship, shadowing, UDEMY, TIU/iAspire, iExcel, 6Sigma, and more.” These have fueled his 13-year journey within the company, where he transitioned and gathered expertise through various roles such as Customer Service Representative, Tech Support Representative, Quality Analyst, Trainer, Service Desk Manager, Team Lead, Team Supervisor, Operations Manager, Service Desk Project Manager–the latter being where he currently drives the management of projects. “Along the way, team members have also sought mentoring from me, so I hope that means I have become an inspiration to others to give back,” said Cris.

Cris elaborated that his early role as Customer Service Representative started in TELUS Assure, a frontliner for TELUS ISP (TELUS Internet).

“I was inspired by the Filipinos working onshore as network support. When they mentioned that the Network File System was going to operate in Manila, I applied and fortunately became part of the pioneer batch.Then Single Point of Contact opened its doors, which became my opportunity to join TELUS International Digital Solutions.”

Workplace learning as continuing journey

For John, “The starting point was opening myself to possibilities and mulling over what I really want to be in the future. From there, I sought guidance from my supervisors and senior leaders, and the rest, as they say, is history. Staying in the ‘learning-in-position’ phase remains key for me.”

Workplace learning being lifelong, and teaching moments being everywhere, Cris and John consider themselves both mentees and mentors. Cris said, “My field of specialization is IT on the technical side and networking, but also videography and photography which I can mentor on as well. The freedom to choose opportunities is also enabled by leaders supportive of career growth.”

John added, “I am also a mentee and I continue to learn from my immediate supervisors. The beautiful thing about this is that I am able to share the lessons with my team members, and advise them on their career goals. TELUS International Digital Solutions has various learning avenues and platforms for team members, from Udemy to personal mentoring, the important thing is to be committed to learning. Learning depends on the learner and at TELUS International Digital Solutions, we are always evolving our platforms for all types of learners.”

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