Thu. May 26th, 2022

When CBD medical benefits come to mind, most people think about what it can do for people with anxiety or seizures- they overlook what it can do for the skin!  Our skin is our largest organ.


Pimples can get caused by clogged pores, inflammation, or naturally oily skin.  Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to cure as just washing your face every day, like common myths would have you believe.  If you have acne, and uneven skin tone on your face because of it, you shouldn’t have to spread smelly gels and mystery creams on your face to take care of it.

CBD works for acne because it stops swelling and fights against irritation in your skin.  It can also help fight against new breakouts by soothing your skin.

Sensitive Skin

CBD is suitable for sensitive skin because it fights against inflammation.  If your skin is sensitive to anything from allergies to sunlight, you can use CBD tinctures to fight against your skin’s reactions to these.  There’s also the chance that CBD could help your skin prepare for new irritants by soothing it, so it doesn’t react again.

With some diseases like rosacea, or lupus, where the skin is likely to turn pink or break into hives- CBD can push back against these symptoms.

Bug Bites

Summer has some of the best weather, but to get that we have to pay the price of dealing with mosquitoes and other biting insects.  The itching and swelling can be frustrating and can lead to infections and worse scratches on our skin.  CBD fights against the irritants and helps your skin fight back against the allergy-peaking bug bites that usually drive us crazy.

This use doesn’t take care of any venom a spider bite may have, but it can soothe the skin so you can seek help without having to deal with the itch.  With any severe bite, you should talk to a medical professional as soon as possible.


If you’re worried about your age showing on your face or hands, CBD as a lotion, tincture, or cream can help plump your skin and fight wrinkles.  Pushing back against problems like age-sports, redness, or crows feet, it smooths and soothes all skin and helps you look younger.  Multiple studies have found it can help with the appearance of the skin and visibly reduce wrinkles.  It can’t turn back time, but it can make your skin give you the confidence to glow like you’re in your early twenties.  You deserve to be comfortable in your healthy skin regardless of your age!

Although you shouldn’t have to replace your beauty product lineup with CBD, it can help with plenty of skin problems!  Take the necessary time to figure out what you need and what will work best for your skin.  There are plenty of ways to apply CBD, from lotions to tinctures, so consider what your skin needs and how you’d like to apply it.  Topical use is better for skin, since internal use may not benefit your skin as quickly or directly.

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