Thu. May 26th, 2022

When you think of Makati City, you probably think of tall buildings, shopping, traffic jams, and the overall cosmopolitan vibe. The financial epicenter of the Philippines is known for its continued economic growth. At the same time, this city has multiple restaurants, cafes and bars that can satisfy your cravings for all kinds of food. To cope with the summer season, you can head to several dessert places to fulfill your sweet and cold cravings. Here are five spots in Makati to get your dessert fix:

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Coffee

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Coffee in Glorietta 5 is known for its steaks and ribs. However, the restaurant also serves various homemade ice cream and beverages. Patrons of the restaurant recommend tasting the Half-baked Madagascar vanilla ice cream and Mad Mark’s Rolling Dutchman, the restaurant’s ice cream sandwich.

Other than ice cream, Mad Mark’s also serves lattes, cappuccinos, iced tea, and other refreshing drinks. Residents of nearby neighborhoods, such as the future homeowners of Forbes Park houses for sale, may go to Mad Mark’s to satiate their ice cream cravings.

Kiss The Tiramisu

At Salcedo Village, Kiss The Tiramisu is one place that offers soft-serves, parfait, and bingsu, a popular shaved ice dessert from South Korea. Should you visit this dessert place, try its iconic Tiramisu soft-serve. Two popular flavors are the Original Tiramisu with mascarpone cheese and chocolate cookie crumble, and Matcha drizzled with matcha sauce and dusted with green tea powder. Don’t forget to take aesthetic shots for your social media feed.


Another ice cream place to go to is Bucky’s in the Poblacion district. Originally a café-slash-brownie counter in BF Homes, Bucky’s is now a full-fledged restaurant that continues to serve patrons their all-time favorites. The best part is that you can get soft-serve ice cream for just Php 100! Plus, you can add a bunch of toppings such as chocolate chips, tiny marshmallows, salted caramel sauce, and Bucky’s delectable crushed brown butter polvoron

Crepe Amelie

Enjoy various crepe flavors at Crepe Amelie in A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue. The restaurant is the perfect spot to get both savory and dessert crepes for your next hangout. Some popular flavors you might want to try are chicken ala king, roast beef, mango chocolate, and strawberries and cream.

Crepe Amelie is perfect for solo foodies or groups due to the sizeable portions. You can have an entire crepe to yourself or get one for sharing.


On the third floor of City Century Mall, you’ll find a kiosk where you can overdose yourself with cookies, donuts, brownies, and other baked sweet goods. At Overdoughs, you’ll find a wide array of sweet treats that you can bring home as pasalubong for your family. Try their brookies (brownies + cookies) and ube cheese puffs.

Makati City might seem like a concrete jungle of business. However, the city is also the location of various restaurants that can satisfy your cravings, whether savory or sweet. Visit these five spots on your next city-hopping adventure post-pandemic.


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