Sat. May 28th, 2022

Live entertainment is a must for any type of corporate event to motivate people to attend and boost engagement after they arrive. 

A survey by Turning Stone Resort Casino highlighted this fact, with 92 percent of respondents stating that they missed attending live entertainment and events during the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly three-quarters said they were eager to attend them again. 

The energy will naturally be higher and moods lighter, helping to break the ice and create an environment for starting conversations. With the right type of entertainment, it can create memories that will be talked about long after your event is over, potentially spreading the message far and wide, encouraging connections that can result in business partnerships and deals. 

When hosting a sophisticated, classy event, you’ll want live entertainment that matches that atmosphere.


Just imagine walking into a venue and your eyes are immediately directed towards graceful aerialists performing above. Whether they spiral, spin, or take part in classic hoop poses, they’re sure to captivate everyone with their strength and elegance. 

From a full acrobatic show to aerial beverage pourers, this is a form of entertainment that truly dazzles. Aerialists provide exceptionally beautiful cirque-style entertainment that is sophisticated while pushing the boundaries for a truly impressive visual spectacle. 

These incredibly talented artists can usually perform indoors or out.  Indoor events usually require at least a 12-foot ceiling and a sturdy beam for temporarily mounting the rigging equipment. If the event is hosted outdoors with no sturdy rigging point, portable aerial rigs can help make it happen. 

Italian Singers

Italian singers are synonymous with elegance, passion, and romance, instantly adding sophistication to any corporate event. It’s unforgettable whether on stage, whether front and center or as background music. 

There is a range of offerings from solo artists who sing a capella to singers who also play guitar or piano, playing beautiful melodies that help set the tone. Some can also play host/emcee, wowing the crowd throughout. They can give captivating stage performances as well as serenade guests at tables or even bring comedy and theatrics along with their outstanding vocals, tossing pizza dough while belting out impressive tunes. 

An Illusionist/Magician

Magicians and illusionists aren’t just for kids. Many bring a high level of sophistication for adult entertainment with high-energy and audience participation that can make guests the star of the show. 

If you want to hold the attention of any group, this type of entertainment is a great way to mesmerize with incredible feats of illusion, making something impossible possible. It’s also a great option for any size crowd, with the option for individual tableside illusion and magic or a large stage show. 


Dancers can tailor the visual impact and energy of their performances to your venue size and particular event requirements. They offer a stunning form of live entertainment that can highlight the virtues of your products or brand while complementing your corporate message. Every performance can be developed to tell a unique story through movement.

There are many different dance forms that can add class and that wow factor to an event, from samba and belly dancers to ballet. Some can mix and mingle among the guests and even teach them a few moves.

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