Tue. May 24th, 2022

Chinese New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a little bit of Feng Shui to invite positive energy and good fortune into your home. If Feng Shui has a good side, it also has a bad side. You may find these in certain furnishings or decor materials, and in properties such as foreclosed properties. Since foreclosures are pre-owned, Feng Shui experts believe that buying them will make new owners inherit the terrible luck of the previous residents. However, experts still say that you can turn your foreclosure investment into a den of positive vibes, peace, harmony, and good fortune.

Here are a good Feng Shui tips to guide you into buying the right foreclosed home:

Check The Northwest Section

Feng Shui experts recommend checking for the northwestern sections of the properties you are eyeing. The northwest is the area for the male breadwinner, which means it has to be surrounded by items that inspire wealth, health, and success. Items such as a fireplace, heater, and gas stoves are detrimental to the positive energy for the northwest sector. These may invite lousy luck and bad health. The water element is also seen as an enemy of the metal element and may cause job loss, severe injuries, and health problems.

Suppose you are eyeing a foreclosed house and lot in colder areas such as Cavite or Baguio City. If the only “unlucky spot” is the northwestern area, then you might have to do a little bit of remodeling to get rid of the bad energy. Besides fixing cracks and holes in the room, add metallic elements such as gold decor, coin-like accessories, and bell chimes.

Check The Outdoors

Expansive outdoor spaces add to the value of any horizontal property, which is why some buyers choose foreclosures to save money on a premium property. However, Feng Shui also plays an integral role in your outdoor space, especially if you want your landscaping to attract good fortune and happiness.

Avoid properties where the backyard slopes away from the house. If you come across such a property with these features and want to buy it, it is best to do the necessary remodeling to eliminate the backyard sloping. Improve your landscaping by adding curved pathways to allow a smooth flow of positive chi. Plus, the curved lines create a more natural look for your garden.

Follow the Bagua for the perfect Feng Shui in your garden. Use plants and decorative items that correspond to the five elements and their ideal positions. Your outdoor space will look attractive and balanced.

Assess The Bathrooms’ Positions

Even the position of your future bathrooms is essential for inviting good energy and fortune. For example, if a foreclosed house has a bathroom in its supposed wealth area (the space at the far left corner from your front door), this means the water element is draining out the metal element that brings wealth. If the property has a window opposite the bathroom, place a few plants in the window area. Your greens (the wood element) will absorb the water and prevent it from draining the wealth that will come into your home. 

Rearrange The Beds

For sleeping areas, especially the master bedroom, it is crucial to position the bed so that your feet won’t be parallel to the door. Such a position means you are allowing good energy to flow out of your room and home. Rearrange the bed so it won’t be directly opposite a door or window.

Good Feng Shui is essential for making any home–whether brand-new or foreclosed–a sanctuary of positive energy, wellness, and good fortune. Follow these four tips when searching for a foreclosed home you plan to remodel into your new home.

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