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Man carrying full shopping basket in grocery store
Man carrying full shopping basket in grocery store

People often talk about the many things that they should cut from their budget: fast food, manicures and pedicures, dining out at restaurants, buying designer clothes, going to concerts, getting your hair dyed professionally at a salon.

The list of potential cuts goes on and on. We spend on a lot of discretionary items.

But let’s take a moment to look at the other side. What are some of the things that you should never cut from your budget?

1.  Healthy Food.  

Don’t switch over to an all-processed, refined-carbs diet in order to save money on your groceries. A well-balanced diet is necessary for your health. Cutting fruits and vegetables out of your diet will ultimately lead to higher health care costs down the road. It’s a short-sided way to budget.

consequences on your body just aren’t worth it.

2. Anything the Doctor Orders.  

If your doctor tells you to fill a prescription or use a certain type of over-the-counter medication, listen to your doctor’s orders. Don’t become a noncompliant patient for the sake of saving a few dollars.

Health is a top priority. You can certainly cut some other expense in order to find the space in your budget to comply with your doctor’s requests.

3. Hygiene.

If you recently had a case of pink eye, throw away your mascara.

Yes, I understand that a tube of mascara can cost anywhere from $10 to $20, but don’t trim your budget in ways that make you more prone to infection.

Proper hygiene is worth spending money on — even if you’re trying to pay off debt.

You risk harming your health when you take shortcuts on hygiene.  This is one area of your budget that you should not cut.

That said, you can always look for deals. It’s fine to purchase discount toilet paper.  It’s another thing to skip buying toilet paper entirely.

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