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Let Hanabishi Help You Keep Your Home Clean And Sani-tized

When it comes to offering quality appliances that can help you keep your home clean and sanitized, Hanabishi Appliances is the best partner you can turn to. For more than 30 years, the company has been providing Filipinos with products that are worth investing in. From long-time staples like vacuum cleaners to current must-haves like …

What Does Healthcare Look Like Post-Pandemic? Havas Life Responds

As the world grapples with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals and companies have been compelled to rethink the ways they live and operate. No other sector has been pushed to the brink more than healthcare, with everyone from health systems and hospitals to medical front-liners and their patients, constantly innovating and adapting to …

How Twitter Helps Empower Local Art And Communities In The Next Normal

Twitter has always been the go-to place for local artists to share their works and connect with their communities. It is where artists encourage each other to hone their craft, and where enthusiasts look for art to find a sense of normalcy, levity, and inspiration despite the tough times we are in.

Smile Train Philippines’ Virtual Telehealth Program Wins Anvil Award

Each day, 540 children around the world are born with a cleft, causing difficulties with eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking. To help these children, Smile Train, the world’s leading cleft organization, supports 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care for children globally—a service that could have been severely disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic, if …

Fly For Free Soon: The Best Credit Card Program For All Travelers

One of the best ways that credit card holders can reap good rewards in the future is to make sure that their loyalty points are well-diversified. That is why — allowing themselves to enjoy what life currently has to offer — people secure an assortment of credit cards, with each one serving a specific purpose. Some users resort to this strategy to …

Keep Your House In Perfect Order With With These Upgraded Home Appliances From Samsung

With more time spent inside the home nowadays, maintaining clean and orderly home spaces have become important. Most everyday activities are now done indoors, such as exercising and working. Having piles  of dirty clothes or a cluttered kitchen while on work or play can be distracting.