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8f949884a4f4d727e25ad7c153c9d375There are so many different ways to find extra savings on almost all the things that we buy or services that we use. Some of the ways are more common than others, for example, using clipped or printed coupons is one way to cut the food and non-food purchases. Using online coupon codes is also a common way that online shoppers save on purchases.

There are also common ways that we find the extra savings.

Couponers know that they can find coupons in newspapers, magazines and online. Online shoppers turn to websites known for being coupon aggregators. Mobile shoppers use coupon apps. But what happens when we can’t find a coupon or a way to get a discount? The answer depends on how much you really want to save money.

Some people give up searching for a discount after a few failed attempts to find one. Others prefer to exhaust every possible way to find savings. For the non-giver-uppers, here are 10 ways to find coupons and deals that are viewed as being somewhat unconventional and uncommon.

Get Free Food From Fast Food Restaurant

The next time that you order food from a fast food restaurant, take a second to check out your receipt before you toss it. Many of the fast food restaurant chains offer money-saving coupons on customers’ register receipts. Generally, the offers are time sensitive and expire quickly. It is easy to miss the coupon offers, which is too bad because most of the time it is for a lot more than just a free drink.

Grocery store chains are also known to entice customers to complete surveys with various rewards offered, including free entries into contests and dollar-off store coupons that can be applied to the total purchase (a favorite among couponers).

Credit Card Rewards

Never has there been a time when so many credit card companies offer pretty amazing rewards programs, but it is only amazing if you work it, and not let the cards work you. To get involved in trying to come out financially ahead of the game by reaping the rewards of using your credit cards take a lot of self control. There is only one real trick to the game and that is that you must pay off your balance each month.

The Phone Book

Remember when we let our fingers do the walking? Well, we still can.The phone book is a forgotten source for finding money-saving coupons for local businesses. Most all phone books have a coupon section in the middle or back of the book. It is usually divided by categories including restaurants, local retailers, and services. If you have not looked at your phone book for coupons, check it out.

Earn Cash Back When You Shop

Cash-back websites give you back cash based on your purchases. For example, if you wanted a sweater that you saw at, you could either pay the ticket price listed on the Macy’s website, or go through a cash-back website where you pay the ticket price, but then receive 5 percent back. This does not sound like a tremendous amount of savings if you look at only doing it one time, but over a year it can add up, especially if you couple it with other saving strategies.

Specialty Discounts for Seniors, Military, Teachers…

There are discounts offered by retailers, restaurants, travel and other services to groups of people including senior citizens, the military, teachers, and students. There are also retailers and restaurants that offer free “birthday” discounts and perks.

Malls and outlet centers like Premium Outlet Malls and Tanger Outlets also offer discounts to the military and some malls will run promotions with special discounts and coupons for students and teachers during back to school.

Service companies, such as air conditioning and heating companies, offer discounts to special groups. Many of the companies that belong to Angie’s List advertise senior and military discounts.

Student discounts are abundant and available in many categories including travel, entertainment, restaurants and retail stores.  Schools often work out discounts at local businesses for the students to use. In my area, the local pizza restaurant sponsors individual schools each night and gives 50 percent off to anyone with a school I.D.

Student unions are also an excellent source for finding coupons that you may not find elsewhere. Buy-one-get-one free restaurant coupons are common and popular. Students will buddy up and split the price of bill.

Discounts Come With Prescription Drugs

Almost all of the national pharmacies offer reward programs to customers purchasing drug prescriptions. The rewards (or points) can be used on almost anything in the stores, even on other products that also offer rewards.

Exclusive Mobile Coupons

If you have been holding out on using your mobile phone to receive promotional advertisements from stores where you regularly shop, then you are probably missing out on a lot of savings.

Popular retail stores, department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, airlines, car rental agencies, movie rental kiosks, car washes, (need I keep going?) have a lot of coupons that are exclusive to their mobile phone subscribers.

Organizations and Club Discounts

Most national and many local clubs have discounts available to members. Smaller clubs often have discounts that are specific to what the club is about, for example a garden club might receive special discounts from local the local nursery.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

The next time that you shop online, select the items that you want to purchase and put them into the virtual shopping cart, go through each checkout step except for last stepfor finalizing the transaction, then close your browser window and wait. This is what is referred to as an “abandoned shopping cart” and it drives online retailers a little crazy. To try to get shoppers to come back and complete their purchases, some online retailers are set up to automatically send out coupons via email.

The Store Bathroom

A trend at many of retail chains is to put coupon holders on the inside of the bathroom stalls. It might seem like an odd place to entice shoppers with coupons, but when you think about it, what else is there to do but grab something to read?

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