Logistics and delivery services have become the lifeline for many households and businesses especially with the stringent lockdown and those who have limited access to physical shopping spaces. The growing reliance of the general population on online delivery and services inspired LBC Express, Inc. to continue to fuel Filipino businesses by providing digital solutions to

As the rest of the world works together in flattening the curve due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, several cities and countries have imposed precautionary measures to ensure public safety. These new guidelines will define what the new normal will be for the time being — and it includes wearing masks in public.

Self-quarantine and social distancing can bring down the iron wall for those who have families infar-flung areas. While public gatherings and celebrations are cancelled, the ties of the Filipino family are stronger than calamities and maladies. While there are restrictions set-in-place, who said we can’t make this experience fun and productive for you and your