This is a great little recorder. It has mutable functions like voice activated recording, microphone recording, interview, lecture, meeting, and voce notes. You can put the recordings in different folders to keep everything organized. With out added micro SD card the preinstalled 4GB hard drive gives you 43h 55m of record time. If you need to you can add a Micro SD card for extra record time. But what puts this aside of the rest of the voice recorders is that you can connect this to your computer and transfer all the recorded files for later reference. This is a must for every student that is able to record there teachers lecture.You can check recorders at

When Should I Start Teaching My Children About The Value Of Money?

downloadRaising fiscally and socially responsible children today can be challenging.  From the moment that most children get their hands on an iPhone, they are asking for this $400 gadget.  It seems that long gone are the days when fun was free.  Additionally, there are many forces out there that are causing our children to grow up too quickly and teaching them things that we’d prefer they don’t know.  Continue reading →

Yoga: How To Develop A Home Practice

download (1)Many people ask how to start a home yoga practice so here is some information to get you going. First I will review the basics and then discuss how often to practice and what to practice. Remember though, the only right practice is regular practice! Don’t let your desire for perfectionism get in your way. Just show up at your mat and practice. Yoga is a life-long journey – perhaps many lives! Continue reading →