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How to Start Investing

Bonds & stock certificates.

You want to learn how to start investing.  Congratulations!  Taking this first step is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and, in many cases, your family.  Implemented wisely and with enough time to let compounding work its magic, it can lead to a life of financial independence as you spend your time pursuing your passions rather than selling your time, supported bypassive income from things such as dividends, interest, and rents.   Continue Reading

What Is a Bond?

What-Is-a-BondNow that you are ready to begin investing, have you ever wanted to ask, “What is a bond?” or “How do you invest in bonds?”.  If so, this was written specifically for you.  In the next minute or two, you are going to get a basic overview of how bonds work, who (and by whom) they are issued, the basic appeal of investing in bonds, and some of the major considerations you’ll want to factor into any allocation decision should you decide to add them to your portfolio. Continue Reading