Browse Month: May 2017

The Best Summer Jobs for Kids

Girls in a double kayak

Summertime is a great opportunity for kids to learn how to work and earn a little bit of spending money. Often, kids need something to do during the summer months, and a small part-time job can teach them valuable lessons about earning money and working to achieve their goals. If your child needs a summer job, here are a few options to consider: Continue Reading

Yoga – In Sickness And In Health

101014083119_1_900x600If one of your priorities in life is to keep in shape physically and mentally then yoga is the answer. Yoga is practised by millions of people and is on the increase daily. How many to be precise is hard to say but a calculator would struggle to keep up with the figures. This exercise has become a way of life for many people who can not do without their intake of this healthy type of regime. Continue Reading

How to Teach Your Children Delayed Gratification

Mixed race girl buying food in restaurant

It is very common for children to live in the now, and many children today have access to almost anything they want at any given time. As a parent in our modern world, it can be difficult to teach your children about delayed gratification. But, it is an important concept that they need to learn, because researchers have found that learning delayed gratification as a child will set them up for success in the future. Continue Reading

Treadmills vs. Exercise Bike

Exercise-Bike-vs-TreadmillMany people in this day and age know that the key to a long life is to eat healthy and perform regular exercise. This fact has made gym memberships and home health equipment surge in the last decade. Many people choose the latter due to the fact of ease of use in their own home and not having to deal with gym rats. Continue Reading